Platinum All-inclusive Fixed Price Package


Regardless of the number of hours it takes you to become proficient and ready for your exam, you pay the flat rate price. Everything you need to become a pilot is included. No other hidden costs.

*Some conditions apply. Please contact us for details.
Single prop airplane in flight
All Included!
Ground School $400
Books, E6-B Computer, CSX-2, log book, knee board       $295
Flight Test $300
Written Exam $100
English proficiency  $30
Total Value - FREE! $1125

Private Pilot's License: $15,500*
Payable in 3 payments

This is all you will ever pay! Regardless of the number of hours it takes you to become proficient and ready for your exam.

Everything you need to become a pilot is included. No other hidden costs.

OUR PLATINUM PACKAGE TRAINING GUARANTEE: If your flight is cancelled due to weather or by the school, you will be rebooked ahead of all non-platinum students. Non-platinum students training will be cancelled to allow you to make up your cancelled flight. This guarantee does not apply if you cancel a flight.

*Some conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

Additional Features
Payable in 3 Payments

The fixed cost is all you'll ever pay, and you can pay in 3 installments.

Maximize your training hours

With our easy-access airport just outside of Calgary, spend more time in the air and less time on the tarmac.

Priority booking gets you in the air faster

When you train under our Platinum All Inclusive Fixed Price program, you will get priority booking privileges; thus ensuring your training stays on schedule and doesn’t drag out for months on months.

At Calgary-Okotoks Flying School, we believe that 45 hours is enough time for anybody to gain sufficient skill as a pilot in order for them to pass their flight exam and obtain their private pilot license. If you train with us and you are not competent to pass your exam after 45 hours, we believe that is the fault of the instructor and the school. Therefore, we offer our training guarantee: For one flat price, we will train you as many hours as is necessary for you to become competent to pass your flight test. And if you fail the test? We will provide an additional 3 hours of dual instruction at no extra cost to get you ready to re-take the test.
In order to get you trained as quickly as possible so you can start to enjoy and experience the amazing freedom of having your pilot license, we will sit down with you and create a custom training program that fits into your schedule and meets your aviation goals and budget. Not everyone has the same goal for getting their license. We will customize your training so that you achieve your goals and get out of flying what you want to get out of it! Not everyone wants to fly for the airlines. Maybe you want to enjoy taking a plane and travelling around North America and experience this country in a way that only a small aircraft can provide. Maybe you want to learn aerobatics. Do you want to fly to and enjoy the tranquility of the northern lakes? Whatever your goals, whatever your time availability, we will map out a training program that will get you there as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

  • We are a quiet, small airport, so you are never waiting to take off or land.
  • We are outside of Calgary airspace, so you never waste time flying to and from the “practice area”.
  • RESULT: for every training hour, you actually get 1 hour of training (not 30 minutes like at Springbank). Thus, in every lesson you actually get to sufficiently practice each skill and build muscle memory.
  • Whenever possible, and depending on the student, we book 2 hour or longer flights so that effective training can occur and so that we can take advantage of and make the best use of the good weather (compared to Springbank where they book 1 hour flights in a 2 hour training slot)
  • Our instructors are dedicated, career instructors – they are not just building time until they get hired by the airlines.
  • Because we offer a fixed price guarantee, it is to our advantage to get you trained as quickly as possible and not to drag out your training.

The other training schools only charge by the hour. Transport Canada requires 45 hours of total training (a min. of 17 hours of solo time, 25 hours of dual training, an additional 3 hours of either dual of solo). However, at Springbank, all students take more than the 45 hours, and the national average is 87 hours. Why?!?!  Well, there are several reasons:

  • In Calgary, the only place to train is Springbank Airport (CYBW). Springbank is the 6th busiest airport for air traffic in Canada (busier than Edmonton and Ottawa International Airports!). As a result, an average of 50% of your training hour is spent in take off, landing and travelling out of the Calgary airspace to the “practice area” before you can work on your exercises. By the time you get to the “practice area”, you only have enough time for the instructor to demonstrate the skill, and for you to perform the skill once or twice before you have to head back. So while Transport Canada only requires 45 hours of training, half of your training is not productive – half your training is not effective training – half your training is nothing more than costly straight and level flight.
  • The flying schools are overbooked with students, so booking training time is difficult, if not nearly impossible. And when a flight is cancelled due to weather or other factors, it may take you weeks or months to rebook that time.
  • Most flight instructors are only instructing until they can obtain enough hours and get a job with an airline. The result:  You are likely to loose your instructor during the course of your training, and have to wait to book time with another instructor.
  • The net result is that too much time elapses between each lesson, so your muscle memory does not get a chance to develop. Thus, more than 45 hours is required. And most students take 6-12 months to get their license – that is just too long!
  • Finally, there is no incentive for a school to get you trained in 45 hours – the longer it takes you, the more money they make (eg. 87 hours vs. 45 hours). And young instructors do not all have the same level of competency in effectively teaching students.